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週末不邋遢weekend outfit • 03.07.15 // 大家好 我是貓咪控 hello. i'm a crazy cat lady!

上禮拜六和姐姐約會, 我們去了old town pasadena的chado喝不是很貴的貴婦下午茶, 然後逛了一下街~
因為廖先生不在, 所以姐姐理所當然的成了我的專屬攝影師2號!  ahaha  sis i love you <3

喔對了對了!  我終於購入了人生中第一台數位單眼!!!  收到它的時候整個人在房間裡轉圈跳舞啊~ ~ ~ (開很多小花)
接下來還需要買鏡頭  flash  tripod  相機包, 完全無底洞! 阿哈   我會努力的..... (來去賣個腎先..)

had a date with my dear sis last saturday (actually my cousin, but i always call her sis). we went to chado @ pasadena for their afternoon tea. we just wanted to have high tea together but don't wanna spend tons of money on it, and chado was the cheapest we could find among all the tea rooms. the food was average, but we still enjoyed our chit-chat time :D

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