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遊記travel • san francisco getaway // 北加舊金山三天兩夜 文青之旅 - 02

乖乖來寫舊金山了…  前陣子在臉書po說很怕sf遊記會步上韓國自助的後程(which is寫兩年還寫不完)  
結果居然還有朋友留言說 ”一定會步上後程的 (開賭局)”, 衝著這句話我也要拼死寫完啊hahaha
yo ho~ here comes our sf travel part 2! we started our 2nd day of the trip with coffee as well. we went to another famous sf coffee shop - four barrel this time. the vibe & style was very different from coffee bar..

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遊記travel • 吸取芬多精 森林小旅行 // idyllwild spring getaway

因為impact的關係  還蠻常有機會去山上跑
前陣子的LTC辦在從來沒去過的idyllwild, 是個類似big bear的地方 (只是沒有湖吧)

我真的很喜歡大自然   喜歡森林,
偶爾可以遠離都市 在安靜偏僻的山裡過個幾天, 認真非常放鬆, 讓人覺得煥然一新!  (但太久還是不行  畢竟我是個需要電腦的人哈哈哈) 

i get to go on the mountains once a while coz of impact (my church).
this year's ltc (leaders' training camp) was held at idyllwild, which i never been to before. it's kinda like big bear, just without the lake. 

i really do love the nature, the forest. just being away from the city and stay in the woods for a few days is truly relaxing. (but not for too long tho, i still can't live without my computer lol).

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