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新歡shopping • sbenu // 韓國人氣品牌 時尚運動鞋

不知道大家有沒有聽過sbenu這個品牌?  其實我也是前陣子才follow到.. (大部分哈韓的心思都花在學韓文+吃韓食上這樣) 

以前我根本不穿運動鞋, 因為完全沒在運動卻還穿運動鞋感覺很假掰!
一直到去年去韓國 (對, 已經快過一年了 我的遊記才寫一半....*不要攔我 我要去撞牆!!) 那時候把靴子走爛了而買的一雙puma 讓我對運動鞋整個改觀!  原來sneakers這麼好搭配衣服, 重點是穿它真的可以走很多路!! (還很舒服)  
從此我不再排斥穿sneakers, 還覺得它們挺好看的~

have you heard about this brand - sbenu? it's a really hot sneakers brand in korea. i actually just started to notice it not long ago... (even though i love korea but i spend most of my "korea-crushing" time on learning korean & eating korean food :D) 

i used to not wear any sneakers at all. coz i don't exercise! i always thought it's really fake to wear sport shoes when i have nothing to do with exercising... until last year when we traveled to korea and my boots decided to die on me due to excessive walking, and i had to get a pair of sneakers so i could keep walking in that trip.

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穿搭lookbook • summer crop tops // 駕馭短版上衣! 清涼一夏~

我記得以前逛街的時候看到crop tops短上衣  都會在心裡os: ”這種衣服怎麼穿出門啊? 也太露了吧! 肚子受不了啊!”
然而某一次在逛uo的特價區 無意間發現了一件, 還蠻可愛的 而且打完折超便宜, 就隨手抓去試穿~
想不到穿上的樣子比我想像中能看很多 哈哈哈   然後就默默的買回家了…lol

i remember back in the days when i saw crop tops while shopping, i'll be saying "are you kidding me? how do you wear this?! it's gonna exposed too much skin!!"...something like that. but then one time i was looking through the sale area of uo, and saw a crop tank that's kinda cute plus it price was super low after discount, so i just took it to fitting room and tried... and it actually turned out way better than i thought it will look! i decided to brought it home with me lol.\

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