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食記dine out • faith & flower @ l.a. // 絕美用餐氛圍 創意加州人餐廳

雖然這差不多是200年前去吃的, 但因為餐廳實在太美, 所以還是來寫了~

faith & flower在la還蠻有名, 因為行政主廚來自舊金山一間米其林, 在這裡實行一種創意料理的概念
加州是個充斥各式人口種族的地方, 所謂的californian cuisine包含了多種食材調味, 就是要給你驚奇又不詭異的美食饗宴! 加上空間裝潢設計非常有藝術感, 所以生意一直都不錯!

although we went to this restaurant like last decade, but i still want to write this post because i just love love love their interior design & all the furnitures and dinnerwares...etc! they are simply gorgeous.

faith & flower is pretty famous in los angeles. their executive chef is from a san francisco's michelin-starred restaurant, now oversees all culinary operations here. the food here is called "californian cuisine" which is inspired by a global influence of flavors & techniques.

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