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遊記travel • 3 hours of san francisco // 舊金山 三小時停留

上個周末去san jose參加了生命河靈糧堂的20週年特會

這次我們這一車是禮拜五下班後才出發, 所以開到那已經差不多半夜兩點   囧
隔天一整天幾乎是呈現喪屍狀態…. 眼睛有完全睜開的時間大概不超過1小時 lllOrz
雖然很累很趕, 但我還是很高興 i made that trip!

we went to san jose this passed weekend to attend our mother church's 20 years anniversary conference & celebration. we left on friday night after work, so when we got there it's already 2am of saturday.... and the following day i was like a zombie the whole day! the amount of time that my eyes are widely opened was probably less than one hour.... lol! but even though the trip was kinda of a rush and tiring, i'm still glad i made it.

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日誌diary • 夢幻草地野餐初體驗 // spring picnic @ schabarum park

how was your long weekend??!  剛過了3天的長周末, 開始上班只能用痛苦來形容… 眼皮完全hold不住啊…. (雖然平常也很容易打瞌睡lol)  

memorial day完成了一件想了非常久的小夢想! 那就是 – 野餐!!!
一直以來都超級想在公園草地上鋪個毯子, 準備一些簡單的食物, 和幾個好朋友一起享受陽光微風  那種很lay back的愜意~  
大概想了10年有吧哈哈哈哈  昨天終於實現了!!  而且不只有喜歡的人相陪, 還有3隻狗狗~~  

how was your long weekend??! mine was great :D  although it's so hard to keep myself awake at work after this 3 days weekend.... (someone pass me a cup of espresso please?)

anyhoo, i accomplished one of my many tiny dreams during the memorial weekend, which is... picnic! i've always wanted to sit on a pretty blanket in the park, with some light simple gourmet foods, and enjoy the sunny breeze together with a few closed friends. just lay back and chill. i think i've been dreaming for it for like 10 years hahaha

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2014台灣taiwan • cafe lugo @ 101 // 迷你咖啡博物館 韓國咖啡廳在台北

其實我常常在想, 到底該怎麼定位hernameisshin這個blog..  是工具書還是自我發洩的小天地?  or both?

工具書很有用很受歡迎, 但有些時候太制式化了 (甚至是商業化)
但其實我自己本身也很常上網查看其他blogger的產品/旅遊/餐廳/教學..等介紹文章, 因為就是很方便

a lot of times i'll fall into deep thinking... i think about this site hernameisshin. how should i position this blog? should it be like a guide book (in terms of providing food guide/travel guide..etc) or should it just be a plain diary site? or both? i know guide book style blogs are very popular and useful, but sometimes i just felt it's too..systematic? (or even commercial). although i often find myself browsing through other bloggers' product review/travel guide/restaurant review posts as well... 

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日誌diary • mon voir // calligraphy workshop @ wayfare 美式書法 寫字的藝術

上禮拜六和可愛的charmaine一起去了mon voir的calligraphy workshop!

忘記是從什麼時候開始, 我就對calligraphy充滿了愛慕與憧憬... 就是覺得它超級美麗又有藝術感
常常在網路上看別人寫  都看得我臉紅心跳的哈哈哈, 心裡想著要是我也能寫出漂亮的calligraphy該有多好!
(甚至連新的刺青都想要刺美麗的字啊! lol)

me and charmaine spent our saturday morning attending a calligraphy workshop by mon voir last week! can't recall when was the first time i encountered calligraphy, but i was indeed amazed & captured by the beauty of it... modern calligraphy is just so neat and gorgeous!

i often looked through other people's calligraphy works online and my heart will beats so fast! haha! and secretly thinking it'd be so awesome if i could write beautifully like they do one day. (i even want my new tattoo to be calligraphy! lol) 

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攝影photography • beauty in the rustic & ruin // 歲月下的斑駁廢墟之美

不知道是我比較奇怪還怎樣... 一直以來都覺得廢墟好美  

每次開車經過一個荒廢的地方, 都超想立馬跳車, 就近看看它~   就是覺得斑駁有它獨特的美, 而且每一個廢墟都載滿了故事的感覺..
是經過了多久的時間 才形成這樣的鐵鏽?   是經歷了多少風雨  才有這樣的朽木?    

not sure it's just me being weird or what... i've always fond of abandoned rustic rotting places. every time i drove by a decaying place, i would wanna jump out of the car so i can go near it and take a good look of it! i just feel the rustic has it's own beauty. and each rusted place/building is filled with stories.

how long does it take to form those rusts? how many days of rain it was caught in to create those decayed woods? i'm in awe of every details from each rusted place i've encountered in the past.

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遊記travel • 吸取芬多精 森林小旅行 // idyllwild spring getaway

因為impact的關係  還蠻常有機會去山上跑
前陣子的LTC辦在從來沒去過的idyllwild, 是個類似big bear的地方 (只是沒有湖吧)

我真的很喜歡大自然   喜歡森林,
偶爾可以遠離都市 在安靜偏僻的山裡過個幾天, 認真非常放鬆, 讓人覺得煥然一新!  (但太久還是不行  畢竟我是個需要電腦的人哈哈哈) 

i get to go on the mountains once a while coz of impact (my church).
this year's ltc (leaders' training camp) was held at idyllwild, which i never been to before. it's kinda like big bear, just without the lake. 

i really do love the nature, the forest. just being away from the city and stay in the woods for a few days is truly relaxing. (but not for too long tho, i still can't live without my computer lol).

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食記dine out • blue bottle coffee @ los angeles // 藍色小瓶子咖啡

我必須承認, 我是個喝不懂咖啡的人, 但我又很喜歡去咖啡店   因為我喜歡咖啡店的氣味與氛圍

咖啡聞起來好香, 有讓人沈澱下來的力量, 只是對我來說真的太苦了  哈哈
要讓我喜歡上一杯咖啡, 它必須加了許多糖和奶精..  frap我也愛, 反正不要讓我覺得太苦就ok

i have to admit i'm not a coffee person. i just don't understand it. but at the same time, i love going to a café! i know, it's weird, but here's the reason: i love the smell & atmosphere of a coffee shop. 

coffee bean smells great, it sort of calms me down in an unexpected way, but the taste is just too bitter for me.. (i'm a sweet tooth). the only way to make me like a cup of coffee is to add a lot of sugar & cream. oh i love frap too. the point is to let the sweetness smooths out the acid taste.

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 4. isaac吐司與梨花壁畫村 // isaac toast & ihwa mural village (文末送小禮物gift giveaway)

韓國遊記總算寫一半了....  我老是開玩笑說  該不會到下一次去韓國玩都還沒寫完吧!?  哈哈
為了不讓它發生, 我會努力的 (衝~!!)  

抵達韓國的第四天, 行程依舊緊湊, 早上我們先去住宿附近的isaac買了傳說中去韓國必吃的早餐..  

i'm finally half way through the 2014 korea trip series... i always joke with mr. liao that i probably won't finish this series even until my 2nd korea trip! lol. to avoid it from happening, i'll do my best to write! and edit photos! and write! and edit more photos! and write! and write!... hahaha

the 4th day after we arrived korea, schedule was packed as usual. we went to isaac toast in the morning which is just around the corner from our hotel. i heard that issac is one of the must-go breakfast place in korea! we just had to pay a visit~

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 3. 來自星星的你 電視劇特展 // 별에서 온 그대 special exhibition

警告: 這是一篇花癡腦殘粉文 (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵)


오랜만이야 여러분~
一不小心就消失了一個禮拜.......呵呵      因為這禮拜都在追劇啊哈哈 (上次是誰說龜速追劇的!?!)
很迅速的把pinocchio看完了, 然後秀man遇到史上最強勁敵....  李鍾碩小朋友   LOL

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動手做crafty • be my valentine 情人節特輯 // 甜言蜜語不織布幸運籤餅 felt fortune cookies (文末送小禮物)

valentine's day is around the corner!

最近不管走去哪都看到一堆紅紅粉粉的東西..  每間店都換了情人節佈置, 一排又一排的情人節卡片和巧克力, 讓人眼花撩亂!

我覺得v-day是個即使沒有男女朋友老公老婆 也可以過的節日!   因為每個朋友家人都可以是情人呀!  
所以不妨在這個特別的日子來對他們告個白吧!!  (當然有戀人的 也是可以對戀人告白 哈哈)

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 2. 仁寺洞ssamziegil 인사동 쌈지길 // 充滿傳統兼獨特創意的文藝廣場

上次的Maru文裡有提到仁寺洞這個地方, 是條充滿古色古香, 擁有許多古老小店 販賣著韓國傳統文藝產品的小街
沒有拍太多照片, 但可以看出個大概~  

而在仁寺洞街的中央, 有著一棟迴旋式設計的創意廣場, 就是Ssamziegil 쌈지길

上次介紹了Maru, 仁寺洞的第二大藝術商場, 而Ssamziegil就是第一大~
有些台灣遊客會叫它人人廣場, 因為它的logo看起來像兩個人字 (其實是韓文的一部分)

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