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食譜recipe • 嫩煎羊排佐蜂蜜醋洋蔥 省時簡單家常羊排料理 // balsamic lamb chop

是的...終於走到這步了...   其實我真的不是那麼擅長寫英文, 文法整個鳥到爆, 很多中文才表達的出來的字句  也很難翻譯成英文 (至少對我來說很難)
但我發現 (其實發現很久, 只是不想面對哈哈), 有習慣讀英文的讀者在看hernameisshin.. 所以為了表示我對他們的愛(?)  我決定要開始寫英文了!!    天知道這是個多麼難的決定Orz

so after a long period of deep thinking, i finally decide to write my blog posts in both chinese & english! woo hoo~! while it sounds exciting, it is actually also very challenging to me, since my english grammar is horrible...(you can probably tell by now lol) so please bare with me, and try to enjoy my posts at the same time? i'll try my best to entertain you guys. haha

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