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食記dine out • blue bottle coffee @ los angeles // 藍色小瓶子咖啡

我必須承認, 我是個喝不懂咖啡的人, 但我又很喜歡去咖啡店   因為我喜歡咖啡店的氣味與氛圍

咖啡聞起來好香, 有讓人沈澱下來的力量, 只是對我來說真的太苦了  哈哈
要讓我喜歡上一杯咖啡, 它必須加了許多糖和奶精..  frap我也愛, 反正不要讓我覺得太苦就ok

i have to admit i'm not a coffee person. i just don't understand it. but at the same time, i love going to a café! i know, it's weird, but here's the reason: i love the smell & atmosphere of a coffee shop. 

coffee bean smells great, it sort of calms me down in an unexpected way, but the taste is just too bitter for me.. (i'm a sweet tooth). the only way to make me like a cup of coffee is to add a lot of sugar & cream. oh i love frap too. the point is to let the sweetness smooths out the acid taste.

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