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日誌diary • 夢幻草地野餐初體驗 // spring picnic @ schabarum park

how was your long weekend??!  剛過了3天的長周末, 開始上班只能用痛苦來形容… 眼皮完全hold不住啊…. (雖然平常也很容易打瞌睡lol)  

memorial day完成了一件想了非常久的小夢想! 那就是 – 野餐!!!
一直以來都超級想在公園草地上鋪個毯子, 準備一些簡單的食物, 和幾個好朋友一起享受陽光微風  那種很lay back的愜意~  
大概想了10年有吧哈哈哈哈  昨天終於實現了!!  而且不只有喜歡的人相陪, 還有3隻狗狗~~  

how was your long weekend??! mine was great :D  although it's so hard to keep myself awake at work after this 3 days weekend.... (someone pass me a cup of espresso please?)

anyhoo, i accomplished one of my many tiny dreams during the memorial weekend, which is... picnic! i've always wanted to sit on a pretty blanket in the park, with some light simple gourmet foods, and enjoy the sunny breeze together with a few closed friends. just lay back and chill. i think i've been dreaming for it for like 10 years hahaha

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