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食記dine out • pueblo @ costa mesa // 色香味俱全 西班牙tapas小食

必須很光明正大地說, pueblo是我去年底吃的餐廳 XD  (連兩年前的遊記都還在寫了, 半年前的食記算什麼~ ~ 哈哈哈) 過了這麼久我依舊對它念念不忘 + 還願意花時間幫它打一篇文, 原因不外乎是pueblo真的好吃! 裝潢又深得我心!
pueblo is a modern tapas place located in the oc mix @ costa mesa. my first impression of it was --- i love their space/interior design! just look at those metallic tabletops & chairs mix with wood.. 

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