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穿搭lookbook • summer crop tops // 駕馭短版上衣! 清涼一夏~

我記得以前逛街的時候看到crop tops短上衣  都會在心裡os: ”這種衣服怎麼穿出門啊? 也太露了吧! 肚子受不了啊!”
然而某一次在逛uo的特價區 無意間發現了一件, 還蠻可愛的 而且打完折超便宜, 就隨手抓去試穿~
想不到穿上的樣子比我想像中能看很多 哈哈哈   然後就默默的買回家了…lol

i remember back in the days when i saw crop tops while shopping, i'll be saying "are you kidding me? how do you wear this?! it's gonna exposed too much skin!!"...something like that. but then one time i was looking through the sale area of uo, and saw a crop tank that's kinda cute plus it price was super low after discount, so i just took it to fitting room and tried... and it actually turned out way better than i thought it will look! i decided to brought it home with me lol.\

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週末不邋遢weekend outfit • 05.10.15 // 穿了就走連身褲 雖然上廁所很不方便.. patterned jumpsuits

不得不說這篇不邋遢應該是史前最快發文!  I’m so proud of myself LOL 

最近氣溫變來變去, 一下是夏天一下是冬天讓我的身體真的很困惑!  end up過敏整個大爆炸 
前兩個禮拜開始瘋狂乾咳... 咳了好幾天之後喉嚨就發炎了, 西藥吃完換中藥, 好不容易現在有稍微比較好.. 沒有再咳到晚上都睡不著~
希望可以盡快復原啊! 不然認真覺得腹肌都要咳出來了...(哭笑不得) 
而且我好想好好唱歌啊......不能唱歌實在太痛苦了 (╥﹏╥)

i have to say this weekend outfit post came out really fast, like, really fast. i'm so proud of myself lol. anyways, the weather here in la has been so unpredictable.. changing all the time! one day is like summer, and next day turned into winter! my body is totally confused and allergy came like a crazy wave! i've been coughing severely for more than 2 weeks now.. 

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週末不邋遢weekend outfit • 04.11.15 // 是韓國捲髮兒小妞 不是暴露狂 korean style coat n' curly hair

你們大概覺得  「 這女人是邋遢了一個月嗎?!  不邋遢文消失這麼久有事嗎?? 」  ............(〒︿〒)   我還沒有頹廢到一個月不打扮啦嗚嗚... 只是因為廖先生不在, 沒有人幫我拍照紀錄這樣哈哈哈   (讓我們撒花鼓掌歡迎廖先生的回歸~ ~ ~) (好像他的用途就只是幫我拍照一樣 

這是剪頭髮後的第一篇穿搭文, 當初講的貌似我要去理平頭了似的..  但其實沒有剪太短啦 (*´∀`) 

some of you might be thinking..."this lady didn't dress up for a month or what?! how come weekend outfit post disappeared for so such a long time??" .................well, that's not the story, even though i'm lazy as hell, but still i have that tiny dignity left lol, it's just because mr. liao was not here so no one can help taking pictures of me. haha. (let's clap & toss confetti for his return~~) (why it sounds like mr. liao's only uses is to take photos of his

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