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食譜recipe • 認真吃早餐 // 你今天吃早餐了嗎? ultimate breakfast ideas (vol.2)

大家還記得 認真吃早餐- vol.1 嗎??  
當初為了讓感冒痊癒得快一點 而突發奇想的卯起來吃早餐!  想不到還頗有用~ 

而感冒好了之後, 我時不時還是很想念早上吃好料的感覺..  

remember my 
first breakfast ideas post?  (it was in chinese only ><)
back then i was having a hard time fully recover from a crazy flu, and one day i just thought to myself: "maybe eating good breakfasts will help recovering?"  i don't know where that thought came from, but i did it. i woke up earlier and made breakfast for a few days straight... and it actually kind of worked! hahaha

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