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日誌diary • mon voir // calligraphy workshop @ wayfare 美式書法 寫字的藝術

上禮拜六和可愛的charmaine一起去了mon voir的calligraphy workshop!

忘記是從什麼時候開始, 我就對calligraphy充滿了愛慕與憧憬... 就是覺得它超級美麗又有藝術感
常常在網路上看別人寫  都看得我臉紅心跳的哈哈哈, 心裡想著要是我也能寫出漂亮的calligraphy該有多好!
(甚至連新的刺青都想要刺美麗的字啊! lol)

me and charmaine spent our saturday morning attending a calligraphy workshop by mon voir last week! can't recall when was the first time i encountered calligraphy, but i was indeed amazed & captured by the beauty of it... modern calligraphy is just so neat and gorgeous!

i often looked through other people's calligraphy works online and my heart will beats so fast! haha! and secretly thinking it'd be so awesome if i could write beautifully like they do one day. (i even want my new tattoo to be calligraphy! lol) 

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