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食記dine out • cafe maji @ arcadia // 依然是我的最愛 [closed]

去過這麼多間café, 發現我真的很愛cafe maji!

第一點當然是因為它離我們家最近, 但除此之外, 我也最喜歡那裡的氛圍~ 不會太吵+kindie背景音樂, 全木頭的裝潢傢俱, 而且所有餐點都很好吃! (我也去過別間超漂亮超韓的咖啡廳  可是食物就真的是貴又不怎樣...)

i've been to a lot of korean cafés and found that my favorite one is still cafe maji. the first reason is because it's the closest to our house. besides that, i just really love the atmosphere there.. it won't get too crowded/noisy, pleasant kindie music always in the background, wooden furnitures, and most importantly: their food & drink. all tastes good.

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