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日誌diary • my bday tea party // 自己動手做! 在家也能擁有夢幻下午茶派對 ♥

如果能自己或是只跟另外一個人hang out, 我絕對不會選擇跟3個人出去..
i'm really not a social butterfly. if i can choose between being alone at home or go out with 2 people, i'll definitely choose the first one with no doubt. 

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食記dine out • chado @ pasadena // afternoon tea 不是很貴的貴婦下午茶~

好久之前和姐姐去的貴婦下午茶!  但其實一點也不貴  哈哈
LA和OC有不少間tea room和hotel都有下午茶, 大部份價錢都嚇死人..  但我和姐姐只是想坐下喝茶聊天來個姊妹bonding time, 氣氛到就好, 所以選了chado

我們去pasadena的分店, 週六下午生意還不錯, 稍微等了一下才有位子. 店裡空間不大, 桌距蠻近的, 但整體也還頗復古溫馨~

sis and i had our afternoon high tea a while back, but it wasn't "high" at all! there're plenty of tea rooms & hotels in los angeles/orange county that offers afternoon tea, but most of them at a crazily expensive price... we just wanted to sit down and chat while enjoying some tea and snacks, just a time for sister bonding, so we chose chado since their price is fairly reasonable! 

we went to the pasadena location on a saturday afternoon. it was almost packed. the space is not big, tables are pretty close to one another, but the overall feel is very cute & cozy!

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