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2014台灣taiwan • cafe lugo @ 101 // 迷你咖啡博物館 韓國咖啡廳在台北

其實我常常在想, 到底該怎麼定位hernameisshin這個blog..  是工具書還是自我發洩的小天地?  or both?

工具書很有用很受歡迎, 但有些時候太制式化了 (甚至是商業化)
但其實我自己本身也很常上網查看其他blogger的產品/旅遊/餐廳/教學..等介紹文章, 因為就是很方便

a lot of times i'll fall into deep thinking... i think about this site hernameisshin. how should i position this blog? should it be like a guide book (in terms of providing food guide/travel guide..etc) or should it just be a plain diary site? or both? i know guide book style blogs are very popular and useful, but sometimes i just felt it's too..systematic? (or even commercial). although i often find myself browsing through other bloggers' product review/travel guide/restaurant review posts as well... 

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食譜recipe • 少女粉草莓草莓鬆餅 // strawberry pink pancakes

草莓算是我很喜歡的水果之一, 因為味道超香  而且長的太可愛了!  每次去超市經過它都會忍不住拿起來聞一下  哈哈哈 
但在美國還真不容易買到很甜的草莓, 即使是當季都有可能不甜..   (還是誰知道什麼挑草莓的秘訣嗎??)

買到酸草莓的時候就只能沾蜂蜜, 砂糖, 或nutella吃, 再不然就是拿來做甜點~  
這次嘗試做了草莓口味pancakes, 看起來還蠻夢幻的, 味道也不差! 

strawberry is one of my favorite fruits coz it just smells wonderful plus it looks too cute! i always stopped and picked up a box of strawberries and smelled them like a pervert whenever i passed them by in a supermarket lol.

but it's sort of hard to find those strawberries that are really sweet here in the state (not like in taiwan or korea), even in the strawberry seasons. (or anyone knows how to pick the sweeter ones??) 

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