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週末不邋遢weekend outfit • 04.11.15 // 是韓國捲髮兒小妞 不是暴露狂 korean style coat n' curly hair

你們大概覺得  「 這女人是邋遢了一個月嗎?!  不邋遢文消失這麼久有事嗎?? 」  ............(〒︿〒)   我還沒有頹廢到一個月不打扮啦嗚嗚... 只是因為廖先生不在, 沒有人幫我拍照紀錄這樣哈哈哈   (讓我們撒花鼓掌歡迎廖先生的回歸~ ~ ~) (好像他的用途就只是幫我拍照一樣 

這是剪頭髮後的第一篇穿搭文, 當初講的貌似我要去理平頭了似的..  但其實沒有剪太短啦 (*´∀`) 

some of you might be thinking..."this lady didn't dress up for a month or what?! how come weekend outfit post disappeared for so such a long time??" .................well, that's not the story, even though i'm lazy as hell, but still i have that tiny dignity left lol, it's just because mr. liao was not here so no one can help taking pictures of me. haha. (let's clap & toss confetti for his return~~) (why it sounds like mr. liao's only uses is to take photos of his

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