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食譜recipe • japchae잡채, korean stir-fried sweet potato noodles // 韓式拌雜菜粉絲


最近兩個禮拜真是有點給它忙… 上禮拜廖先生的哥哥也結婚了!! 娶得嬌妻&我們多了個大嫂這樣~ (雖然她比我們小 哈哈)  真的很替他們感到開心 : )   而且妙的是我和sharon(大嫂lol) 居然不約而同的在婚禮結束後一起剪了短髮… 難道是傳說中的廖家媳婦小默契嗎!?  哈哈哈
是的, 本人這次是認真把頭髮剪短了~ ~ (上次還在留戀韓妞風 所以剪不夠短)  而且不只短, 還染了一個從未嘗試過的髮色 – 亞麻灰綠!  

chitchat time before step into the kitchen/

been really busy for the past couple of weeks... mr. liao's older brother got married last sunday!! woo hoo~~ so i officially have a beautiful sister-in-law now! i'm truly happy for them : )  and the funny thing is that sharon (the bride) and i both got our hair cut short after the wedding without telling each other we gonna do it! what a coincidence! 

yes, i really cut my hair short this time. (last time i was still wanting the korean style mid length curly hair).

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