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週末不邋遢weekend outfit • 05.10.15 // 穿了就走連身褲 雖然上廁所很不方便.. patterned jumpsuits

不得不說這篇不邋遢應該是史前最快發文!  I’m so proud of myself LOL 

最近氣溫變來變去, 一下是夏天一下是冬天讓我的身體真的很困惑!  end up過敏整個大爆炸 
前兩個禮拜開始瘋狂乾咳... 咳了好幾天之後喉嚨就發炎了, 西藥吃完換中藥, 好不容易現在有稍微比較好.. 沒有再咳到晚上都睡不著~
希望可以盡快復原啊! 不然認真覺得腹肌都要咳出來了...(哭笑不得) 
而且我好想好好唱歌啊......不能唱歌實在太痛苦了 (╥﹏╥)

i have to say this weekend outfit post came out really fast, like, really fast. i'm so proud of myself lol. anyways, the weather here in la has been so unpredictable.. changing all the time! one day is like summer, and next day turned into winter! my body is totally confused and allergy came like a crazy wave! i've been coughing severely for more than 2 weeks now.. 

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