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遊記travel • san francisco getaway // 北加舊金山三天兩夜 文青之旅 - 03

離開palace of fine arts, 我們接著來到pier 15的exporatorium探索博物館
它是一個有關科學, 藝術, 和人類感官的特殊博物館
hooray! here comes my final sf trip post! actually i'm kinda surprised that i finished the whole series within 6 months lol. if you want to catch up previous posts, click here & here

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遊記travel • san francisco getaway // 北加舊金山三天兩夜 文青之旅 - 01

是說去年8月短暫的在sf待了三小時, 那次真的沒去到什麼地方, 完全就是趕
自此讓我一直抱著一定要再訪, 而且要玩得比較仔細的決心
after 2 months, i'm finally onto our sf travel post! hooray~~ san francisco is such a beautiful city. we spent 3 days 2 nights there and felt it wasn't enough... but there's always next time : ) 

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遊記travel • 3 hours of san francisco // 舊金山 三小時停留

上個周末去san jose參加了生命河靈糧堂的20週年特會

這次我們這一車是禮拜五下班後才出發, 所以開到那已經差不多半夜兩點   囧
隔天一整天幾乎是呈現喪屍狀態…. 眼睛有完全睜開的時間大概不超過1小時 lllOrz
雖然很累很趕, 但我還是很高興 i made that trip!

we went to san jose this passed weekend to attend our mother church's 20 years anniversary conference & celebration. we left on friday night after work, so when we got there it's already 2am of saturday.... and the following day i was like a zombie the whole day! the amount of time that my eyes are widely opened was probably less than one hour.... lol! but even though the trip was kinda of a rush and tiring, i'm still glad i made it.

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