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日誌diary • my bday tea party // 自己動手做! 在家也能擁有夢幻下午茶派對 ♥

如果能自己或是只跟另外一個人hang out, 我絕對不會選擇跟3個人出去..
i'm really not a social butterfly. if i can choose between being alone at home or go out with 2 people, i'll definitely choose the first one with no doubt. 

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日誌diary • sis' housewarming // 手作溫馨派對

超級迫不及待要寫這篇!!  我話先說在前面, 這篇照片 真。的。很。多!
然後可能字沒幾行這樣  阿哈哈哈  沒辦法, 實在是太喜歡那天的擺設和氛圍了 -w-
如題, 那天是姐姐的housewarming party, 也就是新家派對~ (亞洲可能比較少人在辦這個?)
oh i can't wait to share this post with you all! **warning: tons of photo below!**
my dearest cousin (i usually called her sis) bought her first house this fall, and she hosted a very fun & cozy housewarming party on a beautiful saturday. 

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