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食譜recipe • sunny spinach stuffed portobello // 奶油菠菜太陽波特菇

這個波特菇其實是很久之前做的了, 但一直沒時間寫文
(想寫的東西太多了啦!  是說來偷偷做個小問卷: 請問大家最喜歡哪個類型的文章呢? 穿搭? 食譜? 餐廳? 音樂? 旅行?  
/旁邊有categories可以參考一下/  偷偷在下面留言告訴我, 我會偷偷送小禮物!)
(到底是有多神秘)  (我家的貓/那隻叫偷偷的/ 應該耳朵突然爆癢hahaha)  

i actually cooked this mushroom long time ago, but haven't had a chance to write about it. (there're just too many stuff i want to write!) 
(speaking of that.. let's do a quick survey here: what kind of post do you like the most? lookbook? recipe? restaurant? music? travel? /you can take a look at the categories on the right/  if you will, please leave a comment below this post letting me know the answer. i'll give out a small gift to all who replied!)

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