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食譜recipe • sausage omelette in skillet // 鑄鐵鍋歐姆蛋 自家早午餐!

很難得這天抽了一點時間, 準備了愛心早午餐和廖先生& sherry享用
i did this sausage omelette in skillet few weeks ago on a saturday morning. the steps are really easy, but the result looks impressive lol. and it's delicious as well!

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食記dine out • paul martin's @ irvine // 用豐盛早午餐開啟新的一天吧!

paul martin’s是由兩位好朋友brian bennett & paul fleming一同創立, 一直以來他們都希望自己的neighborhood裡有這麼一間餐廳 — 所有餐點都是用最當季高檔的食材從頭做起沒有捷徑的做出簡單卻美味的料理並且價位親民paul martin’s就在這樣的理念中誕生.. 一個高而不貴為客人健康與荷包著想的地方!

paul martin's was founded by 2 good friends, brian bennett & paul fleming. they've always wished there's such a restaurant in their neighborhood that serves dishes made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients and offered at affordable prices. paul martin's was born in this vision. 

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