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這個喜歡wishlist • wide leg culottes 寬褲 // 解放大腿吧~!

其實要開始這個新單元我本人也是有點ㄘㄨㄚˋ...  因為感覺起來根本就是幫自己設好超方便購物清單, 每次看到每次被燒, 錢包一個欲哭無淚這樣 LOL   所以只好要死大家一起死 哈哈哈哈..     誒 不是啦! 
總之.. wishlist就是分享一些我很喜歡  覺得很漂亮的東西~ 至於會不會買.... 就要看造化了~ (啥啊)

寬褲!! 流行一段時間了, 我本身就是個很邋遢隨性的人, 所以這種寬鬆style我大心~  大腿解放的感覺真的很好啊!!  
穿寬褲大概就跟穿長裙差不多.. 下半身完全沒有拘束感, 但又比裙子來得更時尚有型!

to be honest, i was kinda hesitate to start this new category... coz you know.. it totally look like i'm creating myself a wonderfully convenient yet sinful wishlist which i can go back and check at anytime! and every time i look at it, i will want to pull out my card and buy them all! LOL  so! i decided to share with all my readers~ so i won't die alone.. hahaha
anyways, the wishlist will cover everything i like, stuff that i though it's pretty. hopefully you guys will be inspired as well~  *evil smirk*  

wide leg culottes has been a trend for quite a while. personally i'm a very casual person, so this kind of loose pants are perfect for me! it really do feels great when nothing is tightening my legs~

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