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美妝beauty • 近期最愛之10支唇彩 嘴腫試色 // 10 recent favorite lipcolors

事隔大概10年(才怪), 我終於寫了第二篇美妝文!!
而且還直接拋棄上一篇剩下的  哈哈哈哈 (沒關係吧?反正應該沒有人在等我寫完吧? –v–)
wow it's been like 1000 years since i last wrote a beauty post! do you remember my previous post about lipcolors? i shared some orange-pink shade lipsticks in that article....

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美妝beauty • 橘粉色系唇彩 好氣色就靠它們 // favorite orange-pink lip colors

今天要來介紹我最喜歡的化妝品 → 唇彩!

其實我真的是個很懶得化妝的人, 看照片應該也看得出來我畫在臉上的東西非常少..
除非是需要濃妝的場合(像是婚禮或是表演), 平常我都只畫底妝, 腮紅, 眉毛, 睫毛膏 跟 唇彩 (很多時候連睫毛膏都沒有lol)
/在整理照片的時候默默在心裡想 我妝是不是太淡了點....Orz  看其他美妝bloggers都全妝上陣啊!

today i'm gonna share with you girls my favorite makeup accessory → lip colors! to be upfront, i'm actually very lazy to put makeup on. you can probably tell from my photos that i have really light makeup most of the time unless i'm attending a wedding or having a performance or some sort. usually i just put foundation, blush, eyebrow & lipstick. sometimes mascara. (i kinda felt embarrassed when i was editing the photos... is my makeup too plain?! i think other beauty bloggers all have full makeup on when they share about makeup

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