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2015台灣taiwan • 台中咕嚕貓咖啡 cat café // 立體貓咪拉花

其實我2014年的台灣文都還沒發完... 怎麼一下子就來到2015 T^T
然後放假果然是會懶散..  大部份用電腦的時間都在做公司的東西, 我的每週發文目標完全放水流lol 但我怕再拖下去, 要寫完韓國/台灣文大概要2020年了... 哈哈哈 (倒

撐著中標腸病毒的虛弱身體, 還是乖乖來修圖寫blog~  

i won't tell you in fact i haven't even finished my 2014 taiwan travel posts and now i'm writing 2015 ones... (wait, i think i just did lol). vacation really makes people feel lazy. i spent most of the pc-using-time on my company's design work, and the new post every week promise just got abandoned lol.

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2014台灣taiwan • cafe lugo @ 101 // 迷你咖啡博物館 韓國咖啡廳在台北

其實我常常在想, 到底該怎麼定位hernameisshin這個blog..  是工具書還是自我發洩的小天地?  or both?

工具書很有用很受歡迎, 但有些時候太制式化了 (甚至是商業化)
但其實我自己本身也很常上網查看其他blogger的產品/旅遊/餐廳/教學..等介紹文章, 因為就是很方便

a lot of times i'll fall into deep thinking... i think about this site hernameisshin. how should i position this blog? should it be like a guide book (in terms of providing food guide/travel guide..etc) or should it just be a plain diary site? or both? i know guide book style blogs are very popular and useful, but sometimes i just felt it's too..systematic? (or even commercial). although i often find myself browsing through other bloggers' product review/travel guide/restaurant review posts as well... 

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食記dine out • blue bottle coffee @ los angeles // 藍色小瓶子咖啡

我必須承認, 我是個喝不懂咖啡的人, 但我又很喜歡去咖啡店   因為我喜歡咖啡店的氣味與氛圍

咖啡聞起來好香, 有讓人沈澱下來的力量, 只是對我來說真的太苦了  哈哈
要讓我喜歡上一杯咖啡, 它必須加了許多糖和奶精..  frap我也愛, 反正不要讓我覺得太苦就ok

i have to admit i'm not a coffee person. i just don't understand it. but at the same time, i love going to a café! i know, it's weird, but here's the reason: i love the smell & atmosphere of a coffee shop. 

coffee bean smells great, it sort of calms me down in an unexpected way, but the taste is just too bitter for me.. (i'm a sweet tooth). the only way to make me like a cup of coffee is to add a lot of sugar & cream. oh i love frap too. the point is to let the sweetness smooths out the acid taste.

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食記dine out • bon appétea @ alhambra // enjoy your tea! 法式風格咖啡店

離我們家不遠的Alhambra Old Town, 上個月開了一間很可愛, 鄉村風格裝潢的小café  叫做「Bon Appétea」
是的, 連名字都超可愛!   我想是法文Bon Appétit的衍生, Bon Appétit是enjoy your meal的意思, 那麼Bon Appétea應該可以翻作enjoy your tea吧!  (笑

它落座在2nd St. & Main St.的角落, 二街是一條小巷子, 所以沒有太多車會開過, 我想如果天氣好 應該是很適合坐在外面喝杯咖啡   或茶~  /我是tea addict//

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