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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 6. sinsadong garosu-gil // 新沙洞+林蔭大道

是的! 我認真要繼續把韓國遊寫完! 雖然以一個烏龜跑馬拉松的方式在寫文章, 生完小孩後可能更沒有時間
但blogging是我喜愛, 也不想放棄的, 所以就麻煩大家和我一起訓練耐性嘍 (鞠躬))
yep, i'm back to my korea travel posts! even though it's been 2 years since we went there, looking at these photos still brings me lots of joy and excitement toward that country.

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 6. spicy braised monkfish // 馬山辣燉鮟鱇魚 아구찜

穿完美麗的韓服, 我們接著來到這家"馬山辣燉鮟鱇魚", 離仁寺洞街大概才100公尺的距離
after trying out the beautiful hanbok, we went to this spicy monkfish restaurant that's also near insadong. there's actually a small alley that is filled with many spicy monkfish/seafood places, they called it "agujjim alley".

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 6. hanbok experience // 韓服體驗

前兩天發了張穿韓服的照片到facebook, 結果莫名的超多人like! 
看來大家很喜歡古裝造型的我… lol  
how can you miss hanbok (korean traditional costume) when u visit korea? at least i can't! this morning we went to "insadong pr center" right across the ssamziegil plaza. (it's really easy to find!) 

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 5. bukchon hanok village // 北村韓屋村 + 먹쉬돈나年糕鍋

天哪  看到這title 2014我都要笑了!  現在已經2016了耶……  哈哈哈
去韓國玩居然已經是一年多前的事, 看著這些照片  覺得既陌生又熟悉
i almost laughed when i saw this title "2014" since it's 2016 now lol. can't believe it's been more than a year already... i felt somewhat familiar but also strange looking at these photos.

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 5. samcheong dong // 三清洞


道路兩旁還種了滿滿的銀杏樹, 秋天時金黃綻放, 更是為三清洞路增添了一絲浪漫與愜意...

samcheongdong/bukchon is probably my favorite spot in korea so far! it's a place where traditional hanoks & modern shops harmonically coexist. and there're row of ginkgo trees along the main street which they turned golden yellow during fall season...

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 5. gyeongbokgung palace // 景福宮 尋找李暄王

會想要造訪景福宮, 完全是受了「擁抱太陽的月亮」的影響!  
這齣秀man演的古裝劇雖然劇情我沒有特別喜歡, 但畢竟是老公2號演的(被揍飛), 我還是乖乖服用完整部~  

the main reason why i wanted to visit gyeongbokgung is because of this kdrama - moon embracing the sun. which featuring soo-man (my husband #2 lol) as a fictional king of the joseon dynasty. although i didn't quite like the story but i still watched it to the end just for soo-man! and then this weird affection towards korean ancient palaces started growing...

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 5. jajangmyeon & tangsuyuk // 韓式炸醬麵 糖醋肉

第五天的主要行程是和國中同學一起相約景福宮, 來個古色古香好久不見尋找李瑄王之旅!

我們原本的計劃是先去吃個厲害的土俗村參雞湯, 然後再走去景福宮,
但是後來比預計的晚出門, 怕會遲到所以臨時改成吃hotel旁邊的中華料理~
(眼尖如我  在前幾天走那條路的時候就發現它了啊!  也很難不發現啦.. 一堆韓文裡的中文lol)

the 5th day of our korea trip. we planned to visit the gyeongbokgung (royal palace) with my middle school classmate (she currently lives in seoul). and originally we were gonna go to tosokchon for their ginseng chicken soup before meeting up with my friend, but we headed out kinda late so i decided to eat at a korean chinese restaurant near by our hotel. (we passed by it a few times when we go out, and it's just too hard to missed coz you rarely see chinese language in korea lol).

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 4. jangchung-dong jokbal (pig's trotters) // 獎忠洞胖奶奶家豬腳

坐了很久的車回到首爾東大門, 因為本人已經踩著爆炸的靴子走了兩天(詳情請點這)  腳已經快斷... 所以想去買雙耐操好走的布鞋lol   

此時的我們差不多體力透支, 沒辦法逛傳說中的通宵, 就只選了doota逛, 它其實就跟百貨公司一樣, 裡面的東西一點都不便宜, 但都很好看!  我後來買了一雙puma的藍色布鞋(這雙), 而廖先生也買了一雙皮鞋跟兩頂帽子 

after a long ride, we're back to seoul. we headed to dongdaemun, which is the famous all night shopping destination for fashion lovers. i wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers coz my boots literally broke on the 3rd day to korea! and i was walking in the broken boots 2 days feet are so tired! but we were already exhausted by the time we arrived dongdaemun, so we decided not to shop all night, just get the stuff we need and leave.

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 4. 小法國村쁘띠프랑스 尋找小王子 // petite france

離開梨花壁畫村之後, 我們接著殺去位在京畿道加平的小法國村 (小法蘭西)

我們是坐地鐵去, 換了兩班線, 坐了快一小時吧… (累癱)  來到清平站, 出站之後就坐計程車到小法國, 印象中車程是15分鐘左右
小法國在山上, 司機先生一路狂飆+甩尾+逆向超車, 搞得像在拍頭文字D!  我在後座整個臉色發白心想我該不會要死在韓國了吧..!?  LOL 
好在有平安抵達~  下車後鬆了好大一口氣! 

after saying goodbye to iwha mural village, we head to our next destination - petite france. it's located in gapyeong-gun, gyeonggi-do which is pretty far from seoul. we took an hour metro to cheongpyeong (so tiring...) and after got out of the metro station, we hop on a taxi and go directly to petite france. i think it was about 15 minutes drive.

petite france is on a hill, and the taxi driver was speeding+drifting all the way up like he was takumi from initial d! i was totally freaked out and couldn't stop murmuring "i'm not gonna die here in korea, am i?!" LOL. thank god we arrived safely! 

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 4. isaac吐司與梨花壁畫村 // isaac toast & ihwa mural village (文末送小禮物gift giveaway)

韓國遊記總算寫一半了....  我老是開玩笑說  該不會到下一次去韓國玩都還沒寫完吧!?  哈哈
為了不讓它發生, 我會努力的 (衝~!!)  

抵達韓國的第四天, 行程依舊緊湊, 早上我們先去住宿附近的isaac買了傳說中去韓國必吃的早餐..  

i'm finally half way through the 2014 korea trip series... i always joke with mr. liao that i probably won't finish this series even until my 2nd korea trip! lol. to avoid it from happening, i'll do my best to write! and edit photos! and write! and edit more photos! and write! and write!... hahaha

the 4th day after we arrived korea, schedule was packed as usual. we went to isaac toast in the morning which is just around the corner from our hotel. i heard that issac is one of the must-go breakfast place in korea! we just had to pay a visit~

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 3. 春川家雞排 춘천집닭갈비 // dakgalbi- spicy stir fried chicken with rice cake

消失了幾天...  i'm back!!

這一個禮拜實在是工作過度... 右手腕手肘肩膀關節都痠痛到一個不行.... 所以上個週末認真的休息了兩天!  一張圖都沒修, 一個字都沒打  哈哈 (雖然有打鼓.......囧)
其實現在還是在痛, 但我怕再消失下去大家就要遺忘我了 ╥﹏╥   (還是趕快來訓練用左手做事吧!)

hello everyone! sorry i disappeared for a few days, due to my overworked right hand... my workload was crazy for the past week, and my right hand/wrist/arm/shoulder was hurting really i decided not to work at all the entire weekend. it actually still hurts right now, but i'm afraid if i keep disappearing, you guys will eventually forget about my existence lol. so yea, i'm back. :D   (i should start training myself to use left hand..seriously).

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2014韓國自助korea trip • day 3. 來自星星的你 電視劇特展 // 별에서 온 그대 special exhibition

警告: 這是一篇花癡腦殘粉文 (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵)


오랜만이야 여러분~
一不小心就消失了一個禮拜.......呵呵      因為這禮拜都在追劇啊哈哈 (上次是誰說龜速追劇的!?!)
很迅速的把pinocchio看完了, 然後秀man遇到史上最強勁敵....  李鍾碩小朋友   LOL

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