2014韓國自助korea trip • day 5. gyeongbokgung palace // 景福宮 尋找李暄王

會想要造訪景福宮, 完全是受了「擁抱太陽的月亮」的影響!  
這齣秀man演的古裝劇雖然劇情我沒有特別喜歡, 但畢竟是老公2號演的(被揍飛), 我還是乖乖服用完整部~  然後對韓國古宮產生出一種莫名的情愫!  

覺得它們好古典, 好有韻味; 不是那種色彩超級鮮豔的華麗, 而是帶有歷史靜瑟的一種淒美…  
那種…走在宮裡  彷彿彎過一個走道就會不小心撞到李暄王的感覺….
(講那麼多  結果還是在發花癡哈哈哈)  
(註: 李暄王是秀man在戲裡的角色)

the main reason why i wanted to visit gyeongbokgung is because of this kdrama - moon embracing the sun. which featuring soo-man (my husband #2 lol) as a fictional king of the joseon dynasty. although i didn't quite like the storyline but i still watched it to the end just for soo-man! and then this weird affection towards korean ancient palaces started growing...

they are so classical & charming. not splendid in a colorful way, but silently beautiful with all the histories that're upon them. 


想來也很妙, 我們大概12年沒見, 每次回台灣都約不到,
結果她去年在韓國打工度假, 而我剛好去玩, 居然就這樣在韓國約到了 ( ºΔº )
(重點是她在那待那麼久了居然還搭地鐵搭過站!  是否笨的太可愛!!)

plus that day i was meeting with a long-time-no-see middle school friend at the palace! it's really amazing as i'm thinking about it now, that we haven't seen each other for 12 years, our schedule always didn't match every time i went back to taiwan, but then last year she was working abroad in korea for a year and i happened to travel there... and then we finally met! in korea! isn't that crazy?! 

雖然有點蠢, 但我當時看到這樣一大群穿著古裝的人走來走去(聽起來好弱) 加上咚咚作響的大鼓傳統樂器演奏和背景古老城門&宮殿, 這三樣元素加在一起,  
我   居   然   差   點   哭   了 !  

哈哈自己都覺得莫名其妙啊!!  可是當下就是覺得很壯觀, 很有衝擊性, 好像我真的穿越到古代般的感動…. (但我明明就對古代一點興趣都沒有..)   好啦, 只能說我哭點真的很低又奇怪 orz

when me and mr. liao arrived, there was a performance of ancient guards shift switching happening. and it might sounds stupid, but when i saw those guards walking around/playing ancient instruments with the old gate in the background.. i almost cried! hahaha!

i just felt it was really powerful. even glorious. like i was physically back to hundreds of years ago...


看完交接儀式, 有走到光化門外和守門將拍照,
好像有的可以拍 有的不能拍,  或是不能靠太近?
我也不太懂.. 反正我選到的在拍完之後有警衛和我說了一串話,
可是我也聽不懂 (´_ゝ`)


after watching the performance, we walked to the front side of gwanghwamun gate and took photos with the guards. but afterwards there was a security saying something to me in korean which i had no idea what he's talking about lol. i think some of the guards can be in the photo, and some are not? or i was getting too close to the guards? i don't know. so you can decide on yourself whether or not to take photos with them when you go there : )

接著去買景福宮的門票, 一人₩3000, 很便宜!
就是一台小機器, 你帶著它走到某個定點它就會自動開始介紹那棟建築, 還蠻方便的!  

所以我租了一台給廖先生, 他在耳機裡聽完之後再轉述給我聽 (゚3゚)~♪  

等雅云到了之後, 就正式踏入景福宮嘍!  
當時是11月秋末, 看到的樹不是大紅大黃就是枯枝,

then we went to get our tickets. it was ₩3000/adult. good price! they offer 3 tours a day (in english, chinese, and japanese). they also provide rental pda, which is a small device with earphones that you can bring it with you while walking around the palace. and the device will automatically plays a voice massage telling you the story about that spot when you walk to particular building. pretty convenient! so i rented one for mr. liao and he could repeat what he heard to me :D 

after my friend arrived, we officially stepped into gyeongbokgung! it was the end of november so all the trees we saw were either red or orange yellow or withered. personally i thought withered branches goes pretty well with ancient palace~


景福宮是韓國五大古宮之首,  算是規模最大也最華麗的一個宮廷 

穿過興禮門之後會走過永濟橋, 橋下是護城河, 再往前會碰到勤政門 (哪來那麼多門…) 是以前舉行朝參禮的地方! 
門後的廣場左右有兩排品階石, 文官在東, 武官在西, 官臣們會依照階級高低排列成隊

gyeongbokgung is the biggest and prettiest ancient palace in korea. after entering the heungnyemun (the second inner gate), we saw a bridge leading to another gate (so many gates!) and below the bridge was the city moat. after crossing the bridge, there's a square where they used to held morning assemblies.

接著會看見勤政殿, 景福宮的正殿, 顧名思義就是君王很勤勞地治理國家的地方~ lol
許多事情都在這裡進行, 像是聽取臣子報告, 下達聖令, 登基, 各種儀禮(納妃禮也在這, 看來它是職政很重要的一部分…lol), 宴會, 或是接見外國使臣…等等

然後默默覺得王位看起來有夠難坐…… (°ཀ°)

then is the geunjeongjeon, which is the throne hall where the king managing all the stuff relating to his country. for example: listen to officer's reports, giving out orders, all sorts of ceremonies, meeting foreign ambassadors..etc. 

and maybe it's just me, but i thought the throne looked so stiff and if i'm the king my butt will hurts like hell after sitting on there all day....lol

但其實在1394年初建後, 曾經因戰亂多次被燒毀 破壞 拆改,
並且經歷過數次重建, 一直到2010年才整個重建完成

although gyeongbokgung looks really nice and pretty now, but acutally it was burnt and destroyed several times before during the wars. and it had many reconstructions. it's not until 2010 that the reconstruction was finally complete! it really is a place full of histories. 

繞過前面那些長相相似的殿堂們, 接著我們來到景福宮的後院-  王室享受美景的休憩空間 
1873年挖掘了池塘, 並建造人工島和六角形的香遠亭, 以及連接小島的醉香橋 (名子都好美)

就是這裡! 是長大後的李暄王第一次出場的地方!!  

we walked through most of the halls and now came to gyeongbokgung's back yard, where the king enjoys the beautiful sight and relax. they dug the pond in 1873 and built the island & pavilion. also there's a wooden bridge connects to the pavilion. and now my friend! this back yard is the first scene where king lee hwon (act by soo-man) appeared in moon embracing the sun

(↑ 擁月截圖)

(↑ screenshots from moon embracing the sun)

還有其他銀杏樹, 紅紅黃黃的非常艷麗

這樣的畫面美得令人陶醉.. 讓人迫不及待想要和李暄(連王都省了) 來個漫步木橋約會外加在亭子裡…………..….欣賞蓮花!  
(hahaha是真的有蓮花啦! 只是冬天好像沒看到~)  

the maple trees & ginkgo trees along the pond were vivid red and yellow. what a beautiful fall scene!

the sight was so alluring that i just want to have a romantic walk with king lee hwon! (hahaha pardon my little daydreaming moment)

底層用石柱架空, 造型簡潔又不失華麗

站在它前面, 我幾乎可以想像宴客時君王們把酒言歡的盛況…  

above gyeonghoeru is another pavilion where it used to hold important and special state banquets during the joseon dynasty. it's simple yet gorgeous. love how they used stone pillars to lift up the building. i could almost imaging the scene where the king and his guests are drinking & partying...


景福宮非常的大!  我們沒有全部走完都大概花了2個小時,

能來這裡感受一下歷史的靜默  我覺得是個很不錯的體驗!


the palace is huge! we didn't get to walk through every part of it and it already took us like 2 hours. but i really do love this place! i think it's quite an experience to went there and felt the power of history.


景福宮 경복궁 (官網)
서울특별시 종로구 사직로 161

地鐵3號線 景福宮站 5號出口

1月~2月  09:00~17:00
3月~5月 09:00~18:00
6月~8月  09:00~18:30
9月-10月  09:00~18:00
11月~12月  09:00~17:00

中文免費導遊: 9:30, 11:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30
守門將交接儀式表演: 10:00, 13:00, 15:00

gyeongbokgung palace (english website)
address: 서울특별시 종로구 사직로 161

gyeongbokgung station exit 5 (subway 3 line)

mar~may 09:00~18:00

close on tuesday

ancient guards shift switching performance time: 10:00, 13:00, 15:00