2014韓國自助korea trip • day 4. 小法國村쁘띠프랑스 尋找小王子 // petite france

我們接著殺去位在京畿道加平的小法國村 (小法蘭西)

我們是坐地鐵去, 換了兩班線, 坐了快一小時吧… (累癱)  
來到清平站, 出站之後就坐計程車到小法國, 印象中車程是15分鐘左右

小法國在山上, 司機先生一路狂飆+甩尾+逆向超車, 搞得像在拍頭文字D!
我在後座整個臉色發白心想我該不會要死在韓國了吧..!?  LOL 
好在有平安抵達~  下車後鬆了好大一口氣!  
(好吧 可能沒有敬, 只有畏Orz)

after saying goodbye to iwha mural village, we head to our next destination - petite france. it's located in gapyeong-gun, gyeonggi-do which is pretty far from seoul. we took an hour metro to cheongpyeong (so tiring...) and after got out of the metro station, we hop on a taxi and go directly to petite france. i think it was about 15 minutes drive.

petite france is on a hill, and the taxi driver was speeding+drifting all the way up like he was takumi from initial d! i was totally freaked out and couldn't stop murmuring "i'm not gonna die here in korea, am i?!" LOL. thank god we arrived safely! (from that moment on, i started to have that "respectful fear" toward korean taxi driver...) (alright, maybe just the fear). 

其實會排小法國這一站, 70%的原因也是為了秀man這樣….. 哈哈哈哈
(然後既然都說到他了, 就讓我腦殘粉一下: 這週末!!! 終於!! 
秀man的新戲”製作人”要上了~~~~   /整桶花用倒的/
我等的好苦啊….. 他要是再繼續拍廣告打混下去, 在我心中的地位就真的不保啊!
完全要被小孩踢飛了LOL   總之, 希望新戲會很精彩!)   

但撇開老公2號不談, 那裡還真的是一個很可愛的小村!  
雖然沒去過法國 不知道本尊是不是長這樣, 但至少我還蠻愛小法國的~  
很多五彩繽紛的小屋, 加上另一個主題 – 小王子!  


與其它跟法國有關的藝術品/小遊戲 等等

you probably read my mind already.. ok, 70% of the reasons why i put petite france into our itinerary is for the sake of soo-man.....wahahaha (this korea trip is basically trip to find soo-man i admit lol)  (and since i'm talking about him now, just let me have a crazy-stupid-fan moment here: finally, soo-man's new drama is coming up this weekend!!! *tossing a whole bucket of confetti* i've been waiting for it for sooooo long...!! seriously, if he kept doing advertisements for whatever brands without any new drama or film work, his role in my heart will truly be replaced by kid *lee jong suk! anyways, i hope the new drama - producer, will be a good one!)

besides the soo-man part, petite france is still a very cute village! although i never been to the real france, but at least i kinda like the petite one~ there're many colorful tiny houses inside of the park, plus another big theme - the little prince! if you like the little prince, you'll probably like here alot.

這個小劇場每天固定時間會有表演, 我們這天看到兩個不同的演出
第一場是魔術, 第二場是牽線人偶秀~  

其實人偶還挺可愛的, 而且看起來真的有難度!
要同時運用每根手指來帶出各種人偶動作姿勢… 一定要花很多時間練吧!  

you will find lots of little prince's paintings & sculptures here and there. also other france-related art pieces or traditional games. 

there's a small outdoor stage that has free performances throughout the day. we saw 2 different performances that day. first one was a magic show, the other one was puppet show. the puppets were actually kinda cute (not scary as in american horror movies lol). and i bet it's not easy to control the puppet by hands. they must have throw in a lot of time practicing! 

這棟Le. t. Ex. Memorial Hall裡介紹了小王子的作者Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger de Saint-Exupéry的一生 (名子會不會太長啊)

其實他不只是作家, 還是飛行員和詩人, 小王子這本書隱喻了許多他對生活的看法!  

inside this le. t. ex. memorial hall there were some biography about the little prince's author- antoine marie jean-baptiste roger de saint-exupéryand (that's a long name!) also some hand-drawn pieces by him. he wasn't just an author, he was also a pilot & poet. the book the little prince was actually written with his thoughts & interpretations about the surrounding he was in. there's also a bookshelf filled with different language versions of the book!

非常幽靜美麗, 浪漫夢幻的程度又增添許多~  

但轉頭看到韓國文化-塗鴉   還是瞬間滅了不少火 LOL  

we get to overlook at the beautiful cheongpyeong lake from this small tower. the water and mountain view was just breath taking... but still we couldn't stop laughing when we turned around and saw the doodles/graffiti/messages on the walls. some of them were just too creative LOL!  

彩色的小房子裡有些是商店, 有些是展覽館, 而絕大部分都是民宿喔!  
官網上有列出各個房型, 還挺可愛的, 有興趣的可以在網站上預定房間,

晚上園區裡沒人了 整片星空都是你的..  

those tiny houses, some are shops some are galleries, but most of them are actually guest rooms that you can stay over! they list out all the rooms for reservation on their official website. i think it's pretty romantic to spend a night or two at the petite france, since there won't be that much people during night time at the park and you get to enjoy the whole starry sky, also the foggy lake at dawn~ 

雖然說園區不大, 但愛拍照的我們還是在那待了好幾個小時,

是的, 在星星大紅之後, 周五和周六特別延長開館時間至晚上8點,
為了讓遊客可以親身體驗夜晚的小法國 aka 星星裡經典的kiss場景 <3 <3 

還記得戲裡千頌依等拍戲等到睡著, 結果大家都走光了只剩下都經紀人,

「這是我能對妳做的  最自私的事。」

even though the park was not too big, we still spent quiet some times there, just taking photos and seeing every details of it. and the sky started to gets dark...

yes, after my love from the star got viral, petite france extended their opening hour til 8pm on friday and saturday. just so people can experience the classic night scene when do min-joon and cheon song-yi kissed!! ❤ remember that scene when cheon song-yi was waiting to shoot her part and fell asleep while everyone left except do min-joon? then he uses his super alien power to turned on the lights & "sucked" cheon song-yi into his arm and gave her the kiss!!!! and throwing out that famous line:
 「 this is the most selfish thing i can do to you. 」

ahhhhhhhhhhhh 煩死了根本無法拒絕啊!!!!
親完還要來個全身無力加腳軟~ 多可愛!!  (花癡模式又大展開不好意思)

ahhhhhhhhhhhh how can any girl resist it??!!!
and there's the weak moment after kissing.. how cute is that!! (hahaha sorry for my stupid fan mode again)


享受完夜晚的小法國, 我們終於打道回府~
回清平站也是搭計程車, 這次的司機超級無敵可愛!!! 是個非常親切的大叔

說他很喜歡華人, 還超愛一位早期華語女歌手
下山的路很塞所以他帶我們走了密技路!  咻咻咻一下就到了~
車費果然比上山來的便宜, 而且因為我們沒有零錢 他就收我們比較少, 
아저씨 사랑해요!  

零度氣溫下在室外車站等車 只能說我等到想哭 (;д;)   

喜歡可愛小屋, 法式風格, 小王子, 或是星星的朋友們, 可以考慮來一趟小法國~
個人建議可以下午來待到天黑, 因為晚上的風景真的很不一樣!  (缺點是周末人真的很多Orz)


after enjoying the nigh time petite france, we finally left. again we took taxi back to cheongpyeong station. this time the taxi driver was super cute and friendly! he kept on chatting with us using all the english & chinese he know lol (and of course korean). he told us he really likes a chinese female singer, he miss her so much...etc. (but we couldn't think of who is he talking about haha, we really tried). the traffic down hill was pretty bad so he took a secret shortcut! and the taxi fares were indeed cheaper~ hehe

we said goodbye to the cute driver, then took another long route metro back to seoul. it was so freaking cold waiting outdoor for the metro... i almost cried T-T 

anyhow, if you like cute tiny houses, french style, little prince, or my love from the start, you should consider paying a visit to petite france! my recommendation is to come in late afternoon and stay til after sunset so you get to enjoy the different view at night. (the con is there are just so many visitors during weekend...)

小法國村 쁘띠프랑스  (韓國官網  右上可選語言)
경기도 가평군 청평면 고성리 616

地鐵京春線 清平站/加平站

週日 - 四 / 9:00am~6:00pm
週五 & 六 / 9:00am~8:00pm

petite france  (official website. you can choose language on top right)
address: 경기도 가평군 청평면 고성리 616

cheongpyeong or gapyeong station (subway gyeongchun line )

sun - thur / 9:00am to 6:00pm
fri & sat / 9:00am~8:00pm
last entry at 1hr prior to closing





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