時尚style • 姐妹一起eyecupcakes! 精緻百搭韓風眼鏡 // we wear eyecupcakes

整個又消失的有點久阿哈哈哈 因為上個週末去了山上修行(?)  
吸取了許多芬多精+天上來的智慧   充滿活力的回歸了!  

結果一回來就接二連三的出事... 哈哈   撒但真的很狡猾+機車,

我的反應卻是笑著對上帝說 /還好有你~/   : )  

這樣應該是有成長一咪咪吧!  oh yay

ok i apologize for disappearing for a week again....haha. i spent my weekend in idyllwild for a church retreat (with beautiful mountain views). took in a lot of phytoncide & wisdom from above! and came back home fully energized! but then all sort of shitty things started to jump in as soon as i got back. haha. satan is just really sneakily annoying, he loves to create trouble to distract us whenever we are closer to jesus.

however, this time when i faced those "headache giving/tear drawing/mental pressure increasing" circumstances, all i did was saying to jesus "thank you that i have you" with a laugh~ :D  i guess i've grown a little, right? 

拍它的時候我才剛從台灣回來吧.... (汗)

是說除了妝髮以外  能夠瞬間改變一個人的氣質, 應該就是戴眼鏡了吧    
不同的眼鏡也會帶出不同的氣質, 是個非常神奇的accessories!  
雖然我沒有近視, 但偶爾也是會戴個眼鏡來假掰一下... lol  
而且它真的是素顏的好幫手啊!!  邋遢女孩兒必備!  (男生也適用)


eyecupcakes是朋友的自創品牌, 當然要來力挺一下~  
重點是他們眼鏡的品質很好, 價位也不算太貴, 是真的值得推薦的好物!
(不然我也不會寫 阿哈哈)  

eyecupcakes除了自家的眼鏡  也賣一些其他知名品牌,
不過這次要介紹的是eyecupcakes brand!  
主要分成四個系列: cheers, basic, active 和 first batch. 
四個系列都有各自的風格, 而且大部分款式都是中性, 男女都適合! 
個人很喜歡的是cheers和basic, 也是大部分人可以輕鬆駕馭的款型  

那時候還特地找了親愛的姐姐一起拍 <3  
應該是第一次blog裡出現和別人的合照lol  (幫她拍拍手)  
我都找類似款和姐姐一起戴, 雖然相像但還是不一樣,
我覺得戴朋友鏡/情侶鏡 是一件很sweet的事 (〃∀〃)  



today i wanna share with you guys this long-awaited eyewear post! we did the photoshoot when i just came back from taiwan, which is like 4 months ago...lol. anyways, in my personal opinion, i think a pair of glasses is the accessory that could totally change a person's look without changing their hairstyle or makeup. it really is a magical accessory! and that's exactly why i put on glasses from time to time even though i have perfect eye sight.. plus it's just such a good friend for those no-makeup days. a must for lazy girls! 

eyecupcakes is an eyewear brand launched by a friend of mine. of course i'm gonna show some support :D  moreover, the quality of their glasses is truly top-notch and reasonably priced. i highly recommend checking them out! 

they also sell other name brands like a.j. morgan, claire goldsmith...etc. but today i'm gonna focus on eyecupcakes brand glasses. there are total of 4 series- cheers, basic, active, and first batch. each series has it's own distinct style. most of them are unisex. personally i love cheers & basic, which are the 2 series that will look good on most of the people. 

i invited my dear sis to do the shoot together! this shall be the first post ever that you'll get to see not just me but also other faces lol. (let's clap for sis!)  i intentionally picked similar style of glasses to wear with my sis as sister-frames. i just thought it's super sweet to wear matching frames with loved ones.  : )  let's see which frames we tried on! 

第一對姐妹鏡  我選了都是琥珀圓框的

姐姐戴的是cheers street ec-07016, 是個非常可愛又修飾臉型的框!  
偏紅的琥珀色超級美麗! 而且從旁邊看會發現它是兩層 (看姐姐低頭那張) 某人戴了之後就立馬決定要買...哈哈

我戴的是比較小的圓框cheers dawn ec-07006, 很深的咖啡+金色琥珀紋
跟姐姐那支比起來比較低調一點點  但還是有個性~
個人覺得金色紋路閃閃發亮很漂亮, 近看才會發現它的美

the first one is tortoise round frame. 

the pair sis' wearing is cheers street ec-07016. a very chic & cute frame that gives a "slimmer face shape" effect. the pinkish tortoise color is just stunning! and if you look at it side way, you'll notice there're actually 2 layers. the inner layer is white. and it just makes this frame even more beautiful & unique.

the one i'm wearing is a smaller round frame, cheers dawn ec-07006. it's composed with dark brown base and gold tortoise pattern. a little more low-key compares to sis' but still full of it's own personality. i love the gold pattern, you'll need to be close enough to see it's sparkling beauty. 

eyecupcakes的眼鏡都是專門為亞洲人設計的!  有亞洲款鼻墊!
戴眼鏡的時候最怕它一直往下滑, 畢竟我們沒有外國人那麼高的鼻樑..
但eyecupcakes的貼心設計  讓我不用一直把它往上頂 哈哈

而且版型超韓, 最適合現在的我了LOL 

eyecupcakes eyewear has those nose pads specially designed for asians. you know..we usually don't have high nose bridge like caucasians does, and the glasses slide off from our nose easily lol. but with eyecupcakes' thoughtful design, the glasses stays on my face perfectly! 



老實說 我本來對金屬框一點興趣都沒有,
但試戴之後只能用驚艷來形容!!  根本一點都不顯老, 還超級有氣質!!! (瞬間變文青是怎麼回事?!)

basic金屬框做的非常細緻, 好像藝術品一樣~  認真想帶個幾支回家....

cheers collections are mostly trendy acetate frames, while basic collections go for the metal. and to be honest, i was very skeptical & hesitated when i browse through the basic series. coz for some reason, i thought metal frames are for older people (sorry if i offended anyone). but that stereotype just broke after i tried on the first basic frame!! it wasn't giving me the old look at all, and it's crazily elegant!!! 

the metal frames are very well made & delicate, almost like art piece. i was having a hard time resisting the desire of bringing several frames home... : / 

姐姐戴的是basic ec-5001 01, 很漂亮的深銅色,
同款還有一支銀色的, 但我覺得銅色比較柔和  適合女生戴!

我的是basic ec-5002 02  框是黑色, 腳是深咖啡色
鼻樑那邊的設計蠻特別, 莫名有增高山根的效果~ lol  

戴著basic 令人想拿本書窩在咖啡店一下午, 享受假文青的感覺 哈哈哈

the one sis' wearing is basic ec-5001 01. a very pretty bronze color. there's also a silver one in the same model, but i think bronze is more soft and feminine. 

the one i'm wearing is basic ec-5002 02. black frame with dark brown temples (the legs). the bridge part is designed with that cute curve, which makes my nose bridge look higher hahaha. i just wanna sits in a  café sipping my coffee and read a book for the whole afternoon when i have the basic frame on!



最後來同場加映另外一支cheers dawn ec-07011

這支也是韓風到一個不行... 很簡單輕巧的黑膠細框
戴在臉上不會像粗框一般增加厚重感, 但還是有小臉作用! 因為是oversized~
而且設計簡約 基本上是無敵百搭款!  出門隨手戴上就有型 (≧∀≦)ゞ

lastly, i wanna share this other cheers frame- cheers dawn ec-07011

it's a very simple & light black thin frame. it doesn't gives you the bulky heavy feeling like thick framed glasses, but still provides the effect of slimmer face shape coz it's oversized! how can i not love it?!  it's so minimal and chic that i can wear it with any outfit~ 

就先介紹到這啦~~  喜歡的人可以到他們網站逛逛!  網站裡還有許多超好看的鏡框!
台灣官網: http://www.eyecupcakes.com.tw/
美國官網: http://www.eyecupcakes.com/cheers/

不管你住哪裡都買的到  hehe (有worldwide shipping)


最後的最後!  我實在是忍不住想大喊.... 「姐姐妳是否太正!!!!!!!!」
整個邊修圖邊在心裡驚嘆...  比我還上相是怎樣哈哈哈哈
guys, she's single & available!!  還在等什麼?!  LOL
(有興趣和她做朋友的請私訊我   但必須先過我這關啊哈哈)  (怎麼眼鏡文打到最後變我愛紅娘?!)

anyways.. i love my sis ❤  and we love eyecupcakes! 

alrighty, i think i'll stop here and give you some time checking out eyecupcakes' website on your own. there're tons of trendy frames for you to explore! 

taiwan site: http://www.eyecupcakes.com.tw/
u.s. site: http://www.eyecupcakes.com/cheers/    

last but not least, i just wanna shout...「my sis is soooo hot!!!!!」 hahahaha i was secretly praising her while editing the photos! she's just simply gorgeous! and she's single & available! act quickly guys.. LOL (if you are really serious about making friends with her, please leave me a message. and of course i'll do the first round elimination for her lol) (how can an eyewear post becomes tinder ad?!)

anyways... i love my sis ❤  and we love eyecupcakes!