食記dine out • fukada @ irvine // 高CP值 新鮮烏冬與辣鮪魚蓋飯! fresh udon & spicy tuna don!

fukada位於irvine spectrum附近一個不是很起眼的plaza內,雖然地理位置不是在超級熱鬧的區域,但每到開店前半小時,店門口就已經一排人龍,許多老饕都知道在開店前排隊,至少時間到了門開了就有位子坐,好過之後再來苦等… 沒錯,這就是fukada受歡迎的程度!

fukada is located in a not-so-popular plaza near irvine spectrum, however there's always a long line waiting 30 minutes before the store open! the foodie knows the wait is much shorter if they go earlier so they get to sit down as soon as the they open the door. (yea we were part of the smart ones :D) that's how much people loves fukada!



fukada深田 是主廚的名子,他對於蕎麥麵和烏冬有著超過20年的熱情與研究,而這間餐廳堪稱他廚藝生涯的經典;每天早上他都堅持製作新的麵條,為的就是讓客人們能夠品嘗到最真誠最新鮮的美味。

fukada is a very authentic japanese restaurant. the interior are based on woods. the big long dining table & benches are made of rustic wood, there's also a huge black & white japanese style painting hanging on the wall. it felt like we were in kyoto dining in an old restaurant... just loved the atmosphere there, raw and simple. 

the name "fukada" is the owner aka the chef's name. he has this great passion for udon & soba noodle for over 20 years, he insist to make fresh handmade noodles every morning so the customers get to taste the most genuine freshness. 


點了一盤fried squid legs 當開胃前菜,第一道就讓人驚艷! 魷魚非常入味,粉裹的不厚 所以外層香酥脆爽而魷魚依舊Q彈! 搭上酸甜醬汁以及新鮮沙拉更是秒殺了炸物的油膩感,光是想到那滋味我就已經在流口水了

we ordered the fried squid legs for appetizer. and boy it was amazing! the flour is thin enough to make it crispy on the outside, and the squid is full of flavor! it taste perfect with the special sweet-sour drizzling, and the salad kills the greasiness of fried food. i'm drooling over my desk just thinking about those squid legs.... (and seeing their pictures)

這天試了kamonan seiro鴨肉烏冬沾麵,端上桌的是一竹簍冷烏冬,和一碗熱燙的鴨肉醬汁;醬汁是以醬油、味醂、和高湯底調製而成,口味偏鹹,但麵條沾著醬汁入口卻意外的滑順!烏冬吸取了醬的精華,淡雅的昆布柴魚味和麵香在嘴裡散開,配上一塊鮮味十足口感彈牙的連皮鴨肉,青蔥的微嗆更是有錦上添花的效果,雖然看似份量不多,但口口紮實,一碗吃下來也頗有飽足感。

mr. liao got the kamonan seiro, which is cold udon with hot dipping soup w/ cooked duck. the waiter brought out a bamboo plate of udon and a bowl of hot ducky soup. and you just dip the noodle into the soup and enjoy it while it's hot! the soup is kind of salty but the udon actually tastes great & balance with it. udon is tender, soaked up with dashi stock flavor, the special sweetness gives the noodle a good kick! the duck is fresh and tender as well. this bowl is a gem.

除了麵條之外fukada最受歡迎的應該就是spicy tuna don辣鮪魚蓋飯了。新鮮的手剁生鮪魚拌上特製微辣美乃滋,豪邁地蓋在醋飯上,最後撒上海苔絲,所有食材混著一點芥末均勻攪拌後,得到的是粒粒沾滿細緻鮪魚的飽滿米飯, 鮪魚豐富的油脂伴著米醋酸甜,以及香辣美乃滋,這一口完全嚐得到大海的味道!喜愛海鮮的朋友務必試試~ 如果想要增加更多辣味,撒些七味粉又是另一個令人驚嘆的滋味。

besides the noodle, spicy tuna don is probably the second most popular dish at fukada. it's very simple, just chopped tuna mixed with mild spicy mayonnaise over rice. but it was delicious! i can literally taste the sea in my mouth. don't forget to mix a little wasabi in the rice, you'll not regret it.

seafood salad 也在必點名單之中,廚師在翠綠的有機baby greens上一點都不手軟的拋上了十來塊鮮嫩無比的鮭魚和長鰭鮪,每一塊都是外圍嫩煎至微焦,中間依舊粉嫩的程度,生魚片的口感完全沒有被破壞;沙拉dressing是酸鹹口味的胡椒洋蔥醬,洋蔥的甜和胡椒的辛辣中和得剛剛好,澆在沙拉上真的讓人食指大動,忍不住一口接一口!噢對了,我有說到沙拉最上方還有一大球鮮美的蟹肉嗎?

fukada真的是間用料實在,但價位親切到誇張的高cp值餐廳! 各位不妨去試試這間對料理用心又親民的日本小店吧~

lastly, we shared the seafood salad, it is also a must try! upon the organic baby greens bed are some really good looking seared salmon, tuna, and albacore slices! drizzle with pepper onion dressing. the sashimi texture is still there while the outside is crispy. i'm not a big fan of sashimi (well..actually i don't like it at all). but i looooved this salad!
oh, did i mention they even throw a huge chunk of real crab meat on top of the salad?! just heavenly.

fukada is a place where they use fresh/good quality ingredients while keeping the price friendly. if you are in the area, you should give it a try! 


8683 Irvine Center Dr., Irvine CA
t: 949.341.0111

Mon / closed
Tue - Sun / 11:30am - 2pm,  5pm - 9pm

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