日誌+攝影photo diary • the broad museum // 當代美術館一日遊+草間彌生裝置藝術

雖然我身為設計人, 但神奇的並沒有特別愛去美術館,
可能是我覺得設計和美術差很多吧.. 以前讀art history必須去參觀美術館寫報告 我都超級痛苦 (’へ’)

但是今天要介紹的the broad我卻出奇的喜歡! 是間contemporary art museum~ 謝謝diana約我一起去, 這天是個女孩兒們美術館一日文藝知性之旅 XD

the broad位在鼎鼎有名的walt disney concert hall旁邊, 但氣勢上一點也不輸人啊!  
加上我最近又特愛白色.. 整個就覺得它美翻了~

今年九月才剛開幕, 對許多la人來說還非常新鮮,
diana有在網上預約入館時間, 所以我們時間到就進去了~  

being a graphic designer, surprisingly i'm not that into art museums. probably because i think fine art is very different from design. they're like total two different fields in my opinion. back in school, we used to visit art museums for projects or papers. and i hated it. lol
but the museum i'm about to share today, i actually like it alot! it is the broad, a contemporary art museum. thanks to diana's invitation. we 4 girls had a wonderful artistic date that day :D

the broad is located right next to the famous walt disney concert hall. but it did not lose out at all! the museum was beautifully designed. plus i'm in my "white color crush" period lately, so i absolutely love that building! it just opened last month, so it's still pretty hot and fresh to most of the los angeleno. diana reserved free admission tickets online like months ago. so we didn't have to wait for too long to get in. 

踏入the broad立馬就被這看起來是要搭去未來的手扶梯給吸引住!  
好美好有設計感! 啊啊啊 (內心澎湃的大叫, 但外表是很冷靜的拍照 lol)  

my eyes were captured by this cool escalator right after i stepped into the museum! it's so pretty and feels like we were ascending to the future...

然後我們跟著人群開始排隊…  排什麼呢?  
就是今日的重點: 草間彌生的裝置藝術:「infinity mirrored room – the souls of millions of light years away」
並不是排隊參觀喔, 而是排隊預約參觀時間! 超級popular… lol  
好不容易約到了兩小時後的時間, 終於可以開始認真逛the broad!

museum裡可以拍照(不能閃光)  還挺酷的~
所以我完全卯起來拍… 哈哈哈  
下面是一些我喜歡的作品, 還有內部的樣子 

then we got into a line. the line for today's main-dish: yayoi kusama's infinity mirrored room. yet this line was not for entrance, it was only for the reservation! see how popular it is..? we got the reservation for 2 hours later. which means we get to walk around the museum and go back to the mirrored room line when we receive text notification. pretty cool.

so there we are, finally ready to look around all the artworks (beside the mirrored room) inside the broad. photos are allowed, just no flash. so i had a fun time capturing the ones i really liked, and most of all, the interior of the broad itself. (did i say i love the building? i think i did.... but yea, i just really love it!) lol 

作品我就不多說了, 認識的artist也沒幾個 lol
反正我的觀念是  藝術創作不是作給別人看的, 而是自己表達想法情感的一種管道, 和設計很不一樣

如果作品能遇到懂它的知音, 那就皆大歡喜~  
如果別人看不懂也沒差啊  反正自己創作的爽就好了~ (這種時候就會有點點羨慕fine artist…哈)

not gonna say much about the art pieces. i actually only know a few of them. my perception of art is that, it's not for other viewers. making art is really about the artists themselves. it's a way to express their own feelings & thoughts. not like design. and if someone understands their artwork, it's fate. but even if no one understands, there's no big deal. as long as the artists are happy & content with their works. (and that's exactly why i felt a little envious toward fine artist from time to time..haha.. coz design is another world~)

在電梯裡往上看 是個很有趣的視角..
推薦大家手扶梯&電梯都去搭一下 : )

this rounded transparent elevator was another beauty. if you look up while you're in the elevator, you'll get an interesting view of the brightness above you~ so i recommend you to try both the escalator and elevator!

這個museum不算太大, 逛完整棟後我們回到infinity mirrored room的外圍, 預約的時間差不多快到之前要開始排隊(again XD)  
隊伍的盡頭是一個白色的房間, 牆上有個門, 而門內就是草間的裝置藝術品

老實說, 我對草間彌生一點也不熟悉,
是很常聽到這個名字, 然後大概知道她喜歡在作品裡使用圓點. but that’s it. 其他關於這位藝術家的資訊我一概不清楚
這次會來看這個展覽也只是看過照片, 單純覺得很漂亮而想親眼看看而已

但在看完infinity mirrored room之後, 我特地上網查了一下草間彌生這個人

原來她從小就有精神上的疾病, 會常常看見幻覺, 甚至企圖自殺
而她的創作特色- 圓點, 重複的圖案, 高彩度對比; 其實是來自於她所看到的幻覺
那些無限延伸的點  代表著她的生命

她曾說過: 「如果不是為了藝術,我應該很早就自殺了。」
我覺得草間能在藝術中, 找到和精神疾病共存的方法,
甚至活的很美很有爆發力, 是一件很難能可貴的事

藝術的存在就是這麼特別, 這麼重要

the broad is not crazy big. after we walked through the whole gallery, we were back to the waiting area of the mirrored room. (yes, another wait time XD). but it wasn't too bad, we were all excited and stuff! just can't wait to meet the installation art itself. there's a room painted white with a door at the end of the line. inside is yayoi's world.

to be honest, i'm not familiar with yayoi kusama at all. i did heard about this name from time to time, and had a vague idea about her love of dots. but that's it. i didn't know anything else about this artist. the reason i lined up to see her art is just because i saw some photos online and thought it's pretty. so i wanted to see with my own eyes. 

but after visiting the infinity mirrored room, i specifically looked her up on the internet. and finally had a better understanding of her- kusama is actually suffering mental disease since early young age, which caused her to have hallucination. and she often had suicidal thoughts. her artworks show a great interest of dots, mirrored images, repetitive patterns, high contrast colors; and these elements are actually what she saw in her hallucinations. she believes those dots she created were parts of her live. 

she once said: if it's not for art, i'd probably ended my life long time ago already. i think it's so rare & precious that kusama found the way to live with her illness. and not just surviving, but lived powerfully & beautifully. and that's how special art is. 

房門打開後, 一個人有大約30秒的時間,

利用鏡面和水面製造出無限延伸感, 加上忽暗忽亮的LED燈, 是個非常迷幻的空間
在那裡只有我, 和另外一個我, 和另外一個我和……........................

the door was opened. and each person gets to have a 30 seconds alone time in that room. the mirrored room was illuminated with tons of led lights. the lights goes on and off randomly. and i really felt like there was infinity. like i was physically in the space of millions light years away....

走出the broad後又拍了一些它的照片,
怎麼可以這麼漂亮呢?  (*´∀`)~♥

喜愛現代藝術的人們, 抽空去走走吧!  

i took some more photos of the broad building. ahh how can it be so attractive?! 

well, that's about it. if you are a fan of contemporary art, save yourself some free time to visit the broad! you won't be disappointed! (hopefully lol) and remember to reserve free tickets ahead!

the broad
221 s. grand avenue, los angeles, ca 90012

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tue - wed / 11am – 5pm
thur - fri / 11am - 8pm
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