2014韓國自助korea trip • day 5. samcheong dong // 三清洞


samcheongdong/bukchon is probably my favorite spot in korea so far! it's a place where traditional hanoks & modern shops harmonically coexist. and there're row of ginkgo trees along the main street which turned golden yellow during fall season... this place used to be the residential area of upper class nobles during joseon dynasty. and those countless hanoks remain until today. inside the busy seoul city, this traditional antique oasis was laid. and it took my breath away. as time goes by, there're more and more business owners & artists decide to open their stores in samcheongdong. they remodeled the interior of hanoks, turned them into modern galleries, restaurants, cafés and fashion boutiques. 



道路兩旁還種了滿滿的銀杏樹, 秋天時金黃綻放,

三清洞(也稱為北村) 是以前朝鮮時代上流階級居住的地方,
繁忙的首爾都市中有這樣一片古典綠洲, 我覺得真的很美!

加上隨著時代變遷, 許多藝術家和商家選擇在此開業,
將韓屋內部改造成充滿現代感的畫廊, 餐廳, 咖啡店或是時尚飾品店..等等


the "evolved hanok" doesn't look weird at all, but radiates a brightness of new life! and that's what i love about seoul. everywhere i went there're elements of modern & tradition well mixed together! and samcheongdong really presented it in the most beautiful way. 


進化後的韓屋並不突兀, 反而更有生命力

這就是我喜歡的首爾: 現代與古代巧妙的結合, 處處都散發著藝術設計氣息
而三清洞更是將這個特點發揮到了極致, 魅力無窮!


mr. liao wanted to try this IQ84 churros, and i was in love with their store design, so we got one~ it's basically chocolate covered churros. not too sweet, which is good. and to be honest, everything hot tastes awesome in such cold day lol.


廖先生看到這個IQ84 churros很心動, 我則是對這小店的設計很心動XD  所以忍不住去買了一支來試試~

其實就是churros外面包巧克力醬, 不會死甜 還不錯
而且冷得要死的天氣不管吃什麼熱的都很爽啊…. (笑)


one side of samcheongdong street goes up to the hills. that's why there're so many small steep stairways all over this area. the famous bukchon hanok village is up on the hills. i absolutely love that place! but due to photo-overload, i'll save it and share in my next post : )


三清洞街一邊是小山坡, 所以會看到非常多窄小陡峭的樓梯引領著往上爬

山坡上就是鼎鼎大名的北村韓屋村, 我愛死那裡!
但礙於照片數量有點多, 就留到下一篇再介紹 : )


i love each and every stairways, and i wanted to take a closer look at each one of them.. (but not enough time!) how can they be so beautiful? even that random guy seems so hot when he just sat along the stairway and smoke..lol 


那些樓梯們每一條我都好喜歡, 每一條都想走上去看看,
老舊甚至凹凸不平的石階 緊貼著旁邊的古厝, 怎麼會這麼有韻味…

菸味好像都不臭了似的  哈哈哈


it was already 4pm when we arrived there from gyeongbokgung. so we chose a stairway to went up to bukchon hanok village before the sky got dark.. and this was the view we saw from the hills: traditional brick rooftops with city landscapes plus a bunch of autumn trees.... totally amazed. 


趁著天色還沒暗, 抓緊時間選了條階梯就上去前往韓屋村..




we walked around the bukchon hanok village until nightfall, then we walked back to the main street. the street lights and shops were all illuminated, created a totally different feel from daytime.

i didn't take pictures of the shops we went inside, but there're many designer stores that sell their own brand clothing & home decor..etc. they were amazingly cute! with high prices! lol. so i didn't bought anything.... ha


在韓屋村待到天黑後, 我們才依依不捨的下山
(好啦  可能只有我依依不捨)
路旁的店家和街燈都亮了起來, 展現出和白天完全不同的味道~

雖然沒有照片, 但那裡有許多獨特的小店, 賣著獨家設計的服飾, 生活小物等等. 讓人很心動啊! 要不是價位太高我應該會買到瘋掉…… 哈..


it gets even colder at night in seoul. we couldn't handle the breeze so we left pretty early and went to our next destination for dinner. but i really adored samcheongdong. and i promise i'll visit again! wait for me!


夜晚的氣溫真的很低, 我們沒有逛太久就決定去下一站覓食了

三清洞, 我一定還要再來找妳!  等我!!